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My domestic and small business Melbourne kitchen plumbing services will have your water flowing as it should and kitchen running smoothly. Take the pain and hassle out of your kitchen renovation, maintenance or repairs with my kitchen plumbing service.

If you’re looking for a local kitchen plumber who will show up on time and on budget, then look no further than Peak Performance Plumbing. I show up on time, and if I can’t then I’ll let you know in advance that I’m running behind. I respect your home as if it were my own, and I always clean up after myself. No job is too big or too small for Peak Performance Plumbing. I’m are committed to providing you with efficient and affordable kitchen plumbing in your Melbourne home.

Melbourne Fridge Plumbing Services

Do you have a fridge that needs water dispenser plumbing? Peak Performance can get water running to your fridge, and ice cubes in your tray with no fuss.

If you need professional fridge plumbing in Melbourne, I’ve got you covered. Modern fridges that include water dispensers and ice makers add luxury to your kitchen. However, they do need professional installation.

Contact us to get a quote so I can help you to install or move your fridge’s water dispenser plumbing, and you can start enjoying refreshing, ice cold water.

Professional Fridge Plumber Melbourne

plumbing for fridge water line, fridge plumbing costIf your new fridge requires access to a water line, my fridge plumbing services ensures that your fridge is properly installed by a licenced plumber. I’ll connect your fridge to your home’s existing waterline, which can be through a cupboard or through the ceiling, depending on the plumbing configuration of your kitchen.

Benefits of Fridge Installation Melbourne

It’s easy to think that installing a fridge (or moving the existing fridge location) yourself is an easy DIY job. But fridge installation is more complex than it seems. Using professional kitchen plumbing services ensures that you avoid common water issues and costly mistakes. My professional fridge plumbing services in Melbourne will help you:

  • Ensure your new or upgraded fridge is connected properly to your kitchen’s waterline
  • Avoid costly leaks and other water issues, such as burst pipes
  • Remove any existing blockages or build up in your kitchen waterline
  • Provide you with an easy and seamless connection, so you can enjoy your new fridge sooner

When to Use My Melbourne Fridge Plumber Services

I offer expert fridge plumbing services to residents and business owners throughout Melbourne and will ensure that your job is done right the first time. Every one of my fridge plumbing jobs is always done to the highest standard of quality with strong attention to detail.

So, when do you need to use Melbourne fridge plumbing services?

  • When installing a new fridge that requires waterline connection.
  • When renovating an existing kitchen that requires a new fridge space.
  • When installing a second hand fridge that has a water dispenser.
  • When the plumbing of your existing fridge is no longer working as it should.


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Dishwasher Plumbing Melbourne

Are you looking for a professional dishwashing plumber in Melbourne who can get your dishwasher ready to clean those dirty pots and pans?

If you are renovating your kitchen, or replacing your existing dishwasher, it’s important to use a professional plumber to install your dishwasher. I’m an expert in providing dishwashing plumbing services across Melbourne. I’ll help to connect your dishwasher correctly and check for any existing plumbing issues to ensure your dishwasher continues to run as it should.

Dishwasher Installation Melbourne

When using my professional dishwashing installation services, I can help you to replace or install your new dishwasher into the existing opening. I have the knowledge and expertise for your entire dishwasher plumbing service, from installing new taps, to connecting drains and pipes, to connecting your dishwasher appliance. I’ll also check existing plumbing to ensure there are no drips, spills or leaks where possible

The Benefits of Dishwashing Plumbing Melbourne

plumber to install dishwasher, dishwasher installation melbourneAs a licenced kitchen plumber in Melbourne, you can ensure your dishwasher is connected to local council regulations, and that it will last a long time. Existing plumbing and waterpipes leading to your dishwasher is thoroughly inspected.

The benefits of using a professional dishwasher plumber includes:

  • To make sure the job is done right and your dishwasher performs as it should
  • Your dishwasher plumbing is covered by warranty
  • Avoid unnecessary leaks and floods in your kitchen
  • Ensure your dishwasher is fitted according to Melbourne council regulation and code

When to Use a Dishwasher Plumber Melbourne

It’s important to use a professional dishwasher plumber when it comes to installing your dishwasher. As a qualified plumber, I know what it takes when it comes to kitchen water systems. I install new taps, drains and plumbing needed for your new dishwasher.

Use a professional dishwashing plumber service:

  • When renovating your kitchen to include a new dishwasher space
  • When replacing your old dishwasher with a new one
  • When your dishwashing plumbing is no longer working as it should

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Tap Plumbing Services Melbourne

Do you have leaking taps? Or are you renovating and need new taps installed? As a Melbourne Kitchen Plumber, I can get your taps replaced with minimal fuss.

Are you wasting water that you’re not even using? Leaking taps can waste thousands of litres of water each year. Help save the environment (and your wallet!) with my Melbourne tap plumbing services.


Replace Kitchen Tap Melbourne

plumber replace kitchen tap, melbourne plumber mixer tapReplacing a tap isn’t always that simple. Tap installations come with many parts and connections. When it’s not done right, you’ll be left with leaking, broken taps that will wear quickly and waste a lot of water. My expert kitchen plumber has the licence and the skills to ensure your tap is fitted right, every time. I provide all the equipment and tools necessary to replace or fix your kitchen tap.


Benefits of Tap Plumbing Melbourne

Leaking tap repairs are needed when there is wear and tear in the gaskets or washers. This needs to be done with precision and can be a messy job to complete. When using a professional kitchen plumber, I’m able to identify the cause of a leaking tap. This could be the tap itself, too much water pressure, or rust in the pipes etc.

Benefits of engaging a professional tap plumber in Melbourne include:

  • Provide a whole new look to your kitchen with modern taps
  • Save money with water-saving taps
  • Find the true cause of your leaking tap
  • Ensure your kitchen taps are work the way they should for a long time


Where can Leaking Taps be Replaced?

Leaking taps aren’t just confined to the kitchen. You can replace leaking taps, or modernise your existing kitchen, bathroom and laundry with a set of new taps. Taps can be repaired, replaced or installed for:

  • Basins
  • Baths, including freestanding baths
  • Showers
  • Laundry and Kitchen sinks
  • Pull out sink mixers

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Kitchen Sink Plumbing Melbourne

Do you need a new sink installation? Or is your kitchen sink not functioning the way it should? I can get your sink installed and remove blocked drains… Fast! 

The kitchen sink is an important element of a fully functioning kitchen. Don’t risk costly leaks and damaged pipes. As a leading kitchen sink plumber in Melbourne, I help families and businesses across Melbourne to get their kitchen sink running like clockwork, with minimal disruption to your day.


Plumbing under Kitchen Sink

Plumbing under the kitchen sink can be messy and complicated. While it may be tempting to remove blocked drains with harsh chemicals and store bought drain cleaners, don’t risk the damage that these can cause to your kitchen pipes.

I provide full plumbing services under the kitchen sink, including:

  • Blocked pipes & clogged drains
  • Leaking pipes & leak detection
  • Drain repairs
  • Burst pipes

I also offer services for plumbing a double sink. No matter your sink configuration, as an expert kitchen plumber in Melbourne I can help restore you with a fully functioning kitchen sink. Better yet, I do the job right the first time, without damaging your home or plumbing.


Kitchen Sink Installation

kitchen sink and dishwasher plumbing, plumbing a double sinkWhether you’re renovating, installing a new sink, or building a new kitchen, I provide professional kitchen sink installation. Trying to do your own DIY kitchen sink installation can get messy and overwhelming. Leave it to the experts to get the job done right, and get you back into the kitchen quickly. I have years of experience repairing and installing kitchen sinks in Melbourne. I make sure the job is done right from the start, and check to ensure no complications arise.


When do you need Kitchen Sink Plumbing Melbourne?

If the water in your sink is not draining properly, or if you notice your water bill increasing even though you’re not using extra water, this could be a sign of blocked drains or leaking pipes. I help you to remove stubborn clogs in your kitchen sink.

I also offer sink installation for people in Melbourne who are completing a kitchen renovation. I can install a new sink, or help to move an existing sink to a new location to help your kitchen renovation run seamlessly.

If you experience any of the following, give me a call to inspect your kitchen sink:

  • Burst pipes or damaged drains
  • Blocked drains and pipes
  • Installing a new sink
  • Install or move the existing kitchen sink.

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Insinkerator Plumbing Melbourne

Is a blocked garbage disposal stopping you from removing food scraps from your kitchen? Maximise the life of your garbage disposal and prevent jamming with my insinkerator plumbing services Melbourne.

Insinkerators are a great way to easily remove your food scraps from your kitchen. But they can be prone to blockages or drainage issues. It’s important to not put your hands into your garbage disposal to fix this blockage. For the longevity and safety of your insinkerator, use a professional kitchen plumber in Melbourne.


Benefits of Installing an Insinkerator in the Kitchen

I help many residents and small businesses across Melbourne to repair, maintain and install their garbage disposals. If you’re thinking of installing a garbage disposal to your kitchen, here’s some of the benefits you can enjoy:

  • Reduce the amount of garbage and greenhouse gasses
  • Increase the hygiene of your kitchen by disposing of food waste materials
  • Reduce bad odours, bacteria and insects in your kitchen


Can I Fix a Blocked Garbage Disposal Myself?

Sometimes the blockage in an insinkerator can be as simple as a seed becoming stuck. There are certain items that should not be placed in a garbage disposal unit, and can dull or damage the blades. If you do notice something

  • Use cold water to help flush scraps down the insinkerator
  • Make sure food scraps have completely cleared before turning the unit off
  • Feed food items in gradually at a time, instead of all at once
  • Periodically grind a handful of ice into your insinkerator to remove buildup
  • Do not feed non-food items into your garbage disposal


When Do I Need a Plumber for my Garbage Disposal?

If you’re hearing odd noises coming out of your insinkerator, or it’s just stopped working, then it’s time to use a kitchen plumber to properly assess and repair it. Damaged blades can cause expensive plumbing issues if they’re not dealt with properly, such as backflow and flooding issues.

Use my insinkerator plumbing services if you notice any of the following symptoms:

  • You want to install a new insinkerator in your kitchen
  • The disposal system is no longer responsive
  • You hear gurgling or grinding noises
  • You’re thinking of replacing your existing garbage disposal
  • The disposal system is slow to drain

Using a professional kitchen plumber will allow you to resolve your insinkerator issues quickly and get you effectively disposal of your kitchen waste in no time.

Gas Stove and Oven Plumbing Melbourne

If you’re installing a gas oven or gas stove to your kitchen, or you’re in the process of renovating your kitchen, my professional gas fitting services can get you cooking with gas in no time.


I provide gas installation and repairs for residential and small commercial areas across Melbourne. My professional kitchen gas fitting services include:

  • Gas pipe installation and repairs
  • Emergency gas leak detection
  • Gas oven and gas stove installation

All my work is customised to suit your personal gas stove and oven needs. I am able to assess the right type of connection needed for your gas appliances. I provide recommendations based on your kitchen configuration, budget and condition of existing gas connections.


Gas Plumber Melbourne

northcote oven installation, gas oven installationDon’t be fooled by the word ‘plumber’. As well as dealing with water plumbing issues, I am also licenced and fully qualified to deal with your professional kitchen gas fitting needs. As a licenced gas fitter in Melbourne, I have been helping residents and small businesses connect and maintain their kitchen gas appliances. I am experienced in installing all major brands of kitchen gas ovens, stoves, and cooktops. As well as this, I am reliable and always install your kitchen gas appliances on time and on budget.


Gas Oven Installation Melbourne

Appliances such as gas ovens must be installed by a professional for safety and so you can maintain your appliance warranty. If your new or renovated kitchen requires gas oven installation, I work quickly and effectively to get your new oven up and cooking. I have experience across all major brands and models of gas ovens. I have been connecting residents and businesses across the Melbourne with gas fittings so they can use their new kitchen ovens. Give yourself peace of mind that your newly installed gas oven meets strict Victorian regulations and safety guidelines.


cost to plumb gas line for stove, melbourne gas stove plumbingGas Cooktop Installation Melbourne

Are you looking to install a new stove or gas cooktop to your kitchen? Installing a gas cooktop can help to improve the appearance of your kitchen, and save on your energy bills too. As a licenced gas fitter, I am fully qualified to ensure your new gas cooktop is installed correctly.  I complete rigorous tests to ensure your gas cooktop is correctly installed, and any existing pipes have been correctly maintained to ensure longevity of your new stove. I also clean up after myself, so you can get cooking straight away!


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Why Choose Me For Your
Melbourne Kitchen Plumbing?

When you partner with Peak Performance Plumbing for your kitchen plumbing, you know you’re gaining a qualified licenced plumber who you can trust to turn up on time and on budget. I specialise in kitchen fittings to help make your appliance installation and maintenance as seamless as possible. You can enjoy reliable plumbing connections with proper installation and waterline maintenance.

I work with residential homeowners, along with small to medium sized businesses across Melbourne.

  • All my services are backed by 100% guarantee
  • You get a licensed and certified plumber
  • I offer transparent pricing and quotes prior to starting any job
  • I completely clean the area after installation
  • I am friendly, helpful and open about every step of your kitchen plumbing process.

My Additional Plumbing Services

Bathroom Plumbing

I can help install or change your bathroom taps, toilets, sinks or shower fittings

Outdoor Plumbing

Find out how I can help install your outdoor kitchen, sinks and barbecues


Replace Gas Oven

“Daniel did a great job installing our new oven. Very efficient and professional. Thanks Daniel!”

Bec F.

Collingwood, VIC

Plumber / Gas Fitter To Remove and Cap Oven

“Dan did a great job! Gave me some insight into other parts around the space and put everything in a good place to have him return to connect the oven and dishwasher”

Mick M.

Thornbury, VIC

Install New Dishwasher in New Kitchen

“Dan installed a new dishwasher for me. It was good having a qualified plumber to do it because it was a little more complicated than it appeared. He was prompt and took time to make sure everything was working properly. A lovely guy, as well.”

Benjamin S.

West Mebourne, VIC

Replace Gas Cooktop (60cm)

“Dan is diligent and punctual. Also very prompt in correspondence.”

Urvashi K.

Macleod, VIC

I Need Fridge Water Installation

“Job completed when and as promised. Professional, friendly and competent. Would happily recommend and use again.”

Rebecca D.

Prahran, VIC

Disconnect Old Oven Gas Connection

“Amazing. Certainly use again.
Arrived on time, did work quickly and was also a very nice guy.”

Andrew R.

Coburg, VIC

Specialised Plumbing Services Across Melbourne

Peak Performance Plumbing provides kitchen, bathroom and outdoor plumbing services to households and small businesses across inner Melbourne suburbs. I am known as locally trusted appliance plumbing across Melbourne CBD, as well as north, west, east and Bayside suburbs including:


Northern Melbourne Suburbs

  • Ascot Vale
  • Brunswick
  • Carlton
  • Essendon
  • Fitzroy
  • Moonee Ponds
  • North Melbourne
  • Northcote
  • Parkville
  • Reservoir
  • Thornbury


Eastern Melbourne Suburbs

  • Balwyn
  • Burwood
  • Camberwell
  • Glen Iris
  • Hawthorn
  • Kew
  • Malvern
  • Prahran
  • Richmond
  • South Yarra

Western Melbourne Suburbs

  • Altona
  • Docklands
  • Footscray
  • Hoppers Crossing
  • Keilor
  • Laverton
  • Port Melbourne
  • Sunshine
  • Williamstown
  • Yarraville


  • Albert Park
  • Bentleigh
  • Brighton
  • Caulfield
  • Elsternwick
  • Elwood
  • Hampton
  • Port Melbourne
  • Sandringham
  • St Kilda